Glocal Transformation
Venue: Holiday Inn Resort, Glenmarie Shah Alam
Date: 2 November 2011


S CSL unveils its new brand positioning in line with its Mobile Internet Strategy
  • CSL Malaysia joint hands with Si2i Limited from Singapore in April 2010
  • S CSL unveils the new brand identity and positioning
  • Switch Up! – Vision to switch on the mobile internet revolution on mobiles across the region and moving up the consumers to a more empowered and enriched lifestyle is the thought behind the new brand position of S CSL.
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The vision of CSL is to succeed in the global market. The dream has come true now. With strategic planning, CSL and S i2i collaborated to do radical changes towards the new brand which integrated a local and a global brand which is united in the glocal transformation concept. The integration of these two strengths has the essence of CSL who is having high market share in Malaysia and good quality products united with the strengths of S i2i in the mobile internet solution technology. These strengths are united to form a new brand, which is called S CSL. With this new brand identity we will develop strong brand reputation to fulfill the need of the market.KUALA LUMPUR, 2 NOVEMBER 2011 – The Glocal Brand S CSL which has been formed post the integration between the local brand 'CSL' and Global brand 'S' today announced its new brand positioning – SWITCH UP! With its focus on mobile internet, S CSL has geared up to empower the consumers with an 'Always On' access through its internet ready mobile devices.


At the launch Dr. B K Modi, Chairman, Si2i stated, "We want to see the internet in the hands of every 8 year old from the Ivory Coast to Indonesia. Mobile Internet can enable the emerging countries to achieve double digit GDP growth rate by capitalizing on the young population of the country. The education system in the country will benefit multifold with mobile penetration and mobile internet will be the growth driver.


He further added, "Si2i, which is focusing on internet ready mobiles has done various strategic alliances and backward integration with technology partners with the aim to become a leading player in the mobile internet space.


He said, "The paradigm shift in the way we communicate and consume content, products and services is opening up innumerable opportunities hitherto unthought-of. I see a world full of new peaks to scale and dreams to fulfill. We now have the tools and power to explore and exploit opportunities and enjoy the constant buzz of excitement."


S i2i at a Glance

Headquartered in Singapore, S i2i (formerly known as Spice i2i limited) has transformed itself from a one-stop service provider for voice, data and communication to a global company focused on promoting a digitally connected lifestyle through its innovative mobile devices and mobile internet solutions. Given its experience of operating in fast-growing and rapidly evolving markets, the Company has implemented its 'i2i' strategy that focuses on markets from Ivory Coast to Indonesia, to bring groundbreaking new mobile products and services specially designed for this region.

Over the course of the year, the Company has made significant progress towards the achievement of its 'i2i' strategy by expanding its footprint through brand acquisitions of 'Nexian' in Indonesia, 'WellcoM' in Thailand and the Greater Mekong Sub-region, 'CSL' in Malaysia and the creation of 'S' brand in Singapore. The S i2i group currently operates in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore under following brands.

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The strengthened market presence together with its ingrained technological expertise has created a solid platform to ride the growing band of mobile users in the region. Moving forward, S i2i is confident of meeting the evolving needs of its consumers to facilitate their aspirations for a 'SWITCH' to the Mobile Internet and the ensuing digitally connected lifestyle. The Company operates under two business groups, namely Mobility and Technology.



S i2i Limited set up its new Mobility business unit in March 2011 to leverage on the growing demand for mobile internet solutions and products. In Mobility, the Company is primarily involved in the procurement and sale of mobile phones, which it sells through its vast retail and distributorship network across the region.



In the Technology business group, the Company continues to maintain its market share and competitiveness in their respective markets in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Middle East. By partnering with established global companies such as HP and IBM, the Company is able to offer a comprehensive suite of voice & data services and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to both corporate and consumer clients. Leveraging on its portfolio of in-house developed and patented technologies, the Company specializes in comprehensive and high quality communication solutions without the need for massive investment.


CSL Kaleidoscope

The CSL Group of Companies (CSL) was founded by Dato Dr. Eric Chuah in 1999. Over the past decade it has earned substantial recognition from the Malaysian Government including that of Technology Status Company / Manufacturer by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and by the Ministry of Finance for its pioneering role in the mobile telephone industry and contribution towards economic development consonant with the 9th Malaysia Plan.

CSL launched its first mobile phone in 2006. Now, CSL is recognized by international research company GfK as the no. 1 local brand and ranked 3rd in the mobile phone industry in Malaysia. Throughout these years, CSL had won numerous awards from renowned establishments such as Asia Pacific Excellence Brand, the 8th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award, Best Malaysia Brand and etc.

Besides new product development and constant enhancement in supply chain management, Spice CSL also leverages its cache of expertise, skilled personnel, R&D facilities and technological resources to provide comprehensive communication management solutions and world class after sales service to an increasingly demanding set of customers.

CSL was well-known for providing affordable devices to its consumers. And CSL is strived to do the same when it ventured into the smartphone market. As a local brand, CSL is determined to serve Malaysians as its best. Its mission is to provide affordable hardware and tools to Malaysians to access internet. CSL believes that Internet is basic human rights. With CSL Switch, owning a smartphone is not a dream. It is CSL's dream to enable every Malaysians to own a smartphone. Recently, CSL has launched the most affordable Android smartphone, Switch Mini. It has received tremendous response from the market. Inspired by this success, CSL will pursue to produce more affordable smartphones to Malaysians.


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